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ORIGINAL TITLE:  The room (Tales of Mexico)

DIRECTORS:  Carlos Carrera, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carlos Bolado, Ernesto Contreras, Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, Alejandro Valle, Iván Ávila Dueñas, Natalia Beristain

PROTAGONISTS:  Iréne Jacob, Dagoberto Gama, Kristyan Ferrer, Mauricio García Lozano, Paulette Hernández, Ari Albarran, Kaori Momoi, Eugenia Tempesta, Francisco Barreiro, Sofia Espinoza, Verónica Langer, Adriana Llabres, Ursula Pruneda, Alisarine Ducolomb

DURATION: 120 minutes

GENDER:  Drama

SYNOPSIS: The room is a collective story that poses metaphorically the transformation of Mexico in its last hundred years through the tenants who have inhabited it. There will be eight directors who will take us to look closely at the secret life of these characters in an emotional journey full of dreams, hopes, disappointments and dramatic destinies of generations of Mexicans through this space as a guiding thread. 




«A comedy not only intelligent, also absolutely enjoyable.»

Ximena Urrutia, Diario La Razón

«[Examines] modern masculinity, Mexican stereotypes and especially the privilege of beauty.»

Sherilyn Connelly, Village Voice

«Gael García Bernal is one of the most charismatic actors, and one of the pleasures of the satisfying ‘You are killing me Susana’ is to see him display his quality in a decidedly subversive way.»

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times



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